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Joseph Conrad

Full Name: Józef Teodor Konrad Nalecz Korzeniowski
Nickname: Joseph Conrad
Father: Apollo Nalecz Korzeniowski
Mother: Eva Bobrowska
Spouse: Jessie George (m. 1896–1924)
Children: Borys, John
Occupation: Author, Writer
Language: English
Date of Birth: 3 December 1857
Birth Place: Berdychiv, Ukraine, Russian Empire
Date of Death: 3 August 1924 (aged 66)
Death Place: Bishopsbourne, England
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Nationality: England
Influences: Stephen Crane, Ford Madox Ford, Ivan Turgenev, Henry James, H.G. Wells
Notable Work(s): Almayer’s Folly (1895), An Outcast of the Islands (1896), “The Lagoon” (1896), “An Outpost of Progress” (1896), The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’ (1897), “Youth” (1898), Heart of Darkness (1899), Lord Jim (1900), “Amy Foster” (1901), Typhoon (1902), The End of the Tether (1902), Nostromo (1904), The Secret Agent (1907), “The Duel” (1908), “The Secret Sharer” (1909), Under Western Eyes (1911), Victory (1915)

Joseph Conrad Short Biography

Polish-born English novelist Joseph Conrad (3 December 1857 – 3 August 1924) is one of the great modern writers of England who was concerned with men under stress, deprived of the ordinary supports of civilized life and forced to confront the mystery of human individuality. He was granted British nationality in 1886, but always considered himself a Pole. He has been increasingly regarded as one of the greatest English novelists.

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